A price quotation is issued after the sample analysis or based on technical documentation issued by the customer. The validity of Radina-M Ltd. quotation is 1 month. The quotation states the production schedule that starts running after the advance payment of 50% of the value of the order.


The production deadlines are taking in consideration the customer requirements and depend on the complexity of the details and the load on the production facilities. The time required for the production of normal order is between 4 to 12 weeks. Radina-M Ltd. carries out quick and express services, where the time frame and the surplus charge will be coordinated with the customer.


The rights of all documents prepared by Radina-M Ltd., on paper or in electronic form, like drawings, calculation of technical parameters, measurements and etc. belong to the company and are kept in archive. Upon customer’s request, these materials can be provided to him for a fee.


Radina-M Ltd. provides functional warranty for the manufactured parts as a confirmation of that all requirements of the technical documentation, provided by the supplier or the customer, are met.

Handover of ready production

The customers receive the ready produced details after the order is paid in full. The hand over is taking place EXW at Radina-M Ltd. premises, unless other conditions are agreed with the customer. We can make a delivery via courier and make payment upon delivery.