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SP Radina was established in 1991. The development of the company is based on the long-term experience in the field of applied mechanics of Assoc. Prof. Eng. Marin Pamukchiev PhD, lecturer at Ruse University and later at Technical University Sofia – Plovdiv subsidiary. A lot of students, graduates and PhD students have used the production facilities during their studies and later have become part of the engineering team of the company.

The company Radina-M Ltd. was registered in 1997. The company is able to carry out an entire production cycle – decoding of details’ parameters, mechanical and thermal processing and finishing operations. The company manufactures single pieces as well as series of details. The repair activities include defect analysis of mechanical assemblies, production and installation of spare parts. The control of the technical parameters is carried out by advanced testing equipment. The consultant services can be carried out at the production facilities of the company or at the customer site in all areas of the country.

During 2008 Radina-M Ltd. has implemented the quality management system, and from 2012 is certified according to standard EN ISO 9001:2008. Apart from being present at the local market, the company exports to countries of EU and adjacent countries, which are not EU member states.

Since 1997 Radina-M Ltd. develops its advertising activities and carries out a wide range of services, related to external advertising – design and production of plates, advertising panels and billboards. The company permanently participates in the design of fair exhibitions and the manufacture of facade solutions.

Production facilities

The production facilities of Radina-M Ltd. are located on proprietary territory and are divided in mechanical, teeth processing and installation departments, which include:

  • universal milling and lathes - FU 321, FSS 315, lathe С11 МВ, lathe С13 МВ, instrumental milling machineза;
  • CNC vertical milling machines;
  • teeth milling and cutting machines - 5K324А, 5K328, ОНА12А, 5А140, 5А250, 53А80, 53А50, 525, 5В150, 53А30, Dowding, grooves cutting machine HECКERT;
  • specialized machines – slotting machine HOV63, teeth shaving machine 5702, broaching machine 7А623;
  • surface grinding, cylindrical grinding, tooth and instrument sharpening machines – center and off-center grinder, thread grinder, teeth grinder 5A841, internal grinding machine SOI-10;
  • measuring and testing equipment – control-flattening machine, gear tester Klingelnber PFS 600;


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