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Radina-M Ltd. is specialized in the design and manufacture of all types of teeth-profiled details. The production range includes internal and external spur gears, internal splines and spline shafts, rack gears, sprocket gears, bevel and spiral gears, embossing rollers, worms and a variety of mechanisms. The repair activities include diagnose and repair variety of mechanisms such as differentials, planetary gearboxes, gear pumps etc. Based on our experience, we provide consulting services. The specially developed software gives us the opportunity quickly and accurately to calculate the parameters and geometry of the gears. The quality of our production is controlled by testing equipment that determines the accuracy of the performance.


spur and helical gears m = 20, da = 1600 mm
bevel gears m = 30, da = 1600 mm
spiral gears m = 16, da = 900 mm
sprocket gears t = 50.8 (2"), dp=29.21 mm
worm gears ф 250, L = 1250 mm
hypoid gears to m = 16, da = 900 mm
worm wheels m = 20, da = 1200 mm
racks to m = 12, L = 1000 mm
augers to ф 150, L = 3000 mm
embossing rolls ф 250, L=3000 mm

General Activities


Complete production of single and serial details.


Gearing of details, diagnostic and repair of mechanisms, consulting and commercial activities.


  • food and tobacco processing industry;
  • wood and paper processing and printing industry;
  • agricultural and road building equipment;
  • cars, buses and cranes;
  • ore-dressing and foundry industry;
  • metal processing machines.

Express Orders

In cases of emergencies, Radina-M Ltd. perform urgent orders, where the immediate defect analysis, preparation of technical documentation and redirection of production resources is done in shortest time possible.


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